Total attendance at Jade Buddha world tour to date:
 (as at 20 February 2017)
1 1 1 6 3 1 1 1

Jade Buddha in Orchard Rd, Singapore, Jan 2012


Setting up the Jade Buddha in Orchard Road Singapore, January 2012


Massive banner in orchard Road invites all to see the Jade Buddha:


Ian and Sin Wee inspect Jade Buddha which has travelled safely from Europe to Singapore:


Jade Buddha flyer in Straits Times, Singapore:


Jade Buddha's article in front page of the Straits Times, Singapore:


The Jade Buddha Singapore Team


Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple chanting group


Kopan monks and nuns creating Chenrezig Sand Mandala


Section of the rainbow arching Jade Buddha event tent, Singapore 2012


Holy bath offering to Shakyamuni Buddha, Singapore 2012


Hard working Jade Buddha Singapore team say farewell to Jade Buddha

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