Total attendance at Jade Buddha world tour to date:
 (as at 20 February 2017)
1 1 1 6 3 1 1 1

Jade Buddha in Iwatsukidaishi Temple in Saitama, Tsurumi, Yokohama Japan (27 July-04 August 2013)

Ian and Master Seigo Uemura at Iwatsuki Daishi

The Jade Buddha is set up on a rainy day at Iwatsuki

Jade Buddha truck arrives at Iwatsuki Daishi

Every evening the Buddha's face is covered by a white cloth

Members of a jazz quartet hold the blessing strings connected to the Jade Buddha

Ian with Master Seigo Uemura and his wife at the opening ceremony

Madan Kumar Bhattarai Ambassador of NEPAL and Mrs. Ambika Bhattarai at opening ceremony

Vietnamese Japanese Buddhists from Saitama at the opening ceremony

Official photo at the opening ceremony

Japanese monks pray at the opening ceremony

Opening day crowd at unveiling of Jade Buddha

Japanese drummers perform in front of the Jade Buddha

Cutting the ribbon to unveil the Jade Buddha

Ian, Master Seigo Uemura and his son with Ven Dhammissara fill the Buddha’s bowl

A Japanese monk with conch shell leads procession to Jade Buddha

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