Total attendance at Jade Buddha world tour to date:
 (as at 20 February 2017)
1 1 1 6 3 1 1 1
Ian Green (Chairman and Founder)
Ian's CV
Judy Green
Judy Green (Board Member and Co-Founder)
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My Linh
My Linh Nguyen
(Tour Manager)
Wayne Thomson
Wayne Thomson (Board Member)
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Garrey Foulkes
Garrey Foulkes (Board Member)
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Jon Breukel
Jon Breukel (Board Member)
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Tony Steel (Board member)
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Alan Marsh (Board member)
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Bridget Hartland
(Finance and Administration Manager)
Aleshia Ng
Aleshia Ng
(Festivals and Tours Coordinator)
Alyce Crosbie
Alyce Crosbie
(Marketing Officer)
Belinda Chang Foo
(Memento Team)
Angela Ng
Angela Ng
(Memento Team)
Phuoc Ngo
Phuoc Ngo
(Logistics Consultant)
Wendy Buchan
Wendy Buchan
Quinn Pham
Quinn Pham (Webmaster)

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