Total attendance at Jade Buddha world tour to date:
 (as at 20 February 2017)
1 1 1 6 3 1 1 1

Hình Ảnh Triển Lãm đã qua

Jade Buddha in Kushinagar, U.P India (24 Nov-18-Dec-2012)

Linh Son temple make beautiful backdrop for Jade Buddha

Members of Linh Son and Jade Buddha team on opening day

Jade Buddha glows with light inside the shipping container

Each day many groups of Indian school children come to see the Buddha

My Linh takes photo with schoolgirls in front of Jade Buddha

Ian with disabled Sadhu who comes each to pay homage to Jade Buddha

No one can tell the Jade Buddha is still inside his container

A family from Rajastan visit the Jade Buddha in Kushinagar

Ian with Linh Son temple secretary "Happy"

Thich Hanh Pham, Mr Sonam Angdus and Ian Green

Praying for a peaceful showing of the Jade Buddha in Kushinagar

Thich Tri Thuan prepares to fit the Ushnisha of the Jade Buddha

This group from Hanoi are among many Vietnamese that visit the Jade Buddha

This Sadhu is a regular visitor to the Jade Buddha at Kushinagar

His Holiness Sakya Trizin visits the Jade Buddha in Kushinagar

Visiting holy places around Kushinagar: cremation stupa

Happy, Allan and My Linh enjoy being around the Jade Buddha

Allan has a big task dusting the Jade Buddha in Kushinagar

College students from Gorakpur visit the Jade Buddha on school excursion

Vanit and Varunee arrived from Thailand with many holy relics offered to the Great Stupa

Dr A.K. Sinha, a Professor from Kasia University has translated the Jade Buddha Fact Sheet into Hindi

Thich Minh Hanh and a group from Quang Minh Temple (Chicago) pay homage to the Jade Buddha

Buddhist nuns from Chengdu, China stand before the Jade Buddha with Ian

A beautiful light offering was made before the Jade Buddha

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